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Argentum BFS Rod

Argentum BFS Rod

Introducing the Argentum BFS Rod, the ultimate tool for bait finesse fishing. This ultra light rod is designed specifically for BFS (Bait Finesse System) applications, allowing for precise and delicate presentations. The TORAYCA carbon fiber construction provides a strong and sensitive blank that allows for accurate casting and good hook sets. Whether you're targeting smallmouth bass or trout, this rod is the perfect choice for finesse fishing techniques. With the Argentum BFS Rod, you'll have the edge you need to catch more fish in any finesse fishing situation.

  • Specs

    Baitcast Model Length (ft.) Wt. (lb.) Wt. (oz.) Pc Action Guides
    A681BFS 6'8" 1-8 1/64-1/4 1 MF 10+1
    A621BFS 6'2" 1-8 1/64-1/4 1 MF 9+1
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