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Kingfisher Ice Rod

Kingfisher Ice Rod

Kingfisher Ice Rod-Two Rod Tips & Rod Tube (Free 3 x 5mm Tungsten Ice Jig "Glow" )


    Ray Kingfisher Ice Rod is designed and constructed with solid carbon blank, it gives extremely sensitive and balanced handling. Kingfisher ice rod equips two rod tips, 36” ML and 30” M.  The special designed connector between rod tip and cork handle promises you feel every bite, tick and nibble and fulling control over your jig.  Custom made light weight stainless steel guides provide smooth line flow and freeze-up resistance. The split cork handle design gives the better balance to the longer taper rod. The custom rod tube gives the perfect protection for the rod tip, handle while you are traveling.


    • 100% high-modulous solid carbon blank
    • Custom made stainless steel guides
    • Split cork handle
    • Custom made rod tube 
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