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UnderSpin Jigs

UnderSpin Jigs

Our UnderSpin Jigs are the perfect finesse-style lures for catching those elusive fish. The underspin design adds an extra touch of flash and vibration to attract even the most wary of fish. Equipped with a premium Mustad hook, you can trust that your catch won't get away. The Fathead Minnow imitation is incredibly lifelike and irresistible, making it a must-have in your tackle box. Available in a micro size, these jigs are perfect for targeting trout, crappie,  panfish, bass and other species.



    1/32 oz #6 Hook (15pc/Box)

    1/16 oz #4 Hook (12pc/Box)

    1/8 oz # 2 Hook (12pc/Box)


Powered by Mustad 32500BN Hook

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