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X-Labs BFS Rod

X-Labs BFS Rod

The X-Labs BFS fishing rod, designed specifically for bait finesse fishing. Crafted with high-modulus carbon fiber, this rod is ultra light and offers a light blank for maximum sensitivity. Whether you're targeting small, finicky fish or just looking for a fun fight, this rod will enhance your fishing experience. The X-Labs BFS is perfect for finesse fishing techniques, providing the precision and control you need to land even the most elusive catches. Upgrade your angling arsenal with the X-Labs BFS fishing rod and take your finesse game to the next level.

  • Specs

    Model         Length  (ft.) Line Wt. (lb.) Lure Wt. (oz.) Pieces Action Guides
    XX701BFS 7'0" 2-8 1/16-1/2 1 X-Fast 9+1
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