X-Labs Ultra Light Series

X-Labs Trout/Panfish Rod


    Ray X-Labs Ultra Light Rod is made for avid anglers on day to day fishing trips. It construct with extra fast action blank with solid carbon fiber tip. This series is highly recommended for angler who fishing a lot with jigs. This extra fast action solid tip rod is perfect in casting light weight jig and lure, very sensitive and strong backbone.

  • Spinning

    Model         Length  (ft.) Line Wt. (lb.) Lure Wt. (oz.) Pieces Action Guides
    XX-701ULS 7'0" 2-4 1/32-1/4 1 X-Fast 8+1
    XX-741ULS 7'4" 2-4 1/32-1/4 1 X-Fast 8+1

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